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Thank you!

first post: danielbergsten wrote: Worked perfectly with CRM 2015 On-premise.

CRM 2015 - Thank you!!

first post: laurieheer wrote: Thank you very much for completing the update. I was able to automa...

Not compatible with CRM 2015

first post: gLagaisse wrote: Hi, Recently one of our environments upgraded from CRM 2013 to CR...

latest post: JLattimer wrote: I've released a 2015 compatible version - make sure you get the v3....

How to generate the mapping between new entity detail with salesorderdetail

first post: eceillier wrote: Hello, This tool is great and easy to list and modify EXISTING map...

Loading Time

first post: richoyler wrote: Running for the first time in CRM 2013. It has been loading for 5 ...

latest post: richoyler wrote: I was able to get it to work on a different computer. Was hoping to...

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